How to froth milk for latte art with an electric milkfrother (Part 2)

Making foamed milk with no espresso machine steam function.
With a microwave and a very cheap electric milkfrother.
Milk is normal, sold at any stores.

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3 AERATE  Insert the new batteries into your electric milkfrother. Put the tip of  the milkfrother deep into the milkpitcher vertically.  Start frothing. The milk and the milkfrother make a noise. It's about 2 sec to aerate. If you aerate shorter, the bubbles decrease. If you aerate longer, the bubbles increase and good for cappuccino. Too many bubbles, too white cappuccino or cafe latte for art. Very few bubbles, not for latte art at all.  

4 STIR  Mix the bubbles and the milk. Slant the frother at the angle of 45 degrees. Don't put air into the milk any more. It's about 30 to 60 sec to stir. The angle of the frother is very important. If you have bad angle, the noise to aerate can be heard. You must find the position of the frother for mixing the bubbles and the milk.

5 END OF STIRING  You have to stir the milk till most of the large bubbles disappear. It's not easy to mix all bubbles. It can be OK to leave some bubbles.


Battery is very important to make latte art.
This rechargable battery is the best one.

New normal battery,not rechargable can be used for only 5 times to make latte art.
It costs too high.
The rechargable one is the best for latte art using the electric milkfrother.

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