How to froth milk for latte art with an electric milkfrother (Part 3)

Making foamed milk with no espresso machine steam function.
With a microwave and a very cheap electric milkfrother.
Milk is normal, sold at any stores.

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6 TAP Tap the milkpitcher to the countertop a few times and you can get rid of all the large bubbles. Take care not to splash the milk about. Spoon out the large bubbles, if remain in the milkpitcher.

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7 CIRCLE  Move the milkpitcher in circles quickly. The milk is spinned in the milkpitcher. The surface of the milk becomes shiny. Continue to spin the milk until pouring the milk into the cup. Don't separate bubbles from the milk. Keep moving the milkpitcher in circles. If the milk foam is too much, spoon out it or mix the foam and the milk with the milkfrother again. Too much milk foam makes it difficult to mix.

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8 POUR  Pour immediately. There is no time for shooting the breeze,Tom. Do it now. This milk foam is easy to separate from the milk. You must prepare coffee before frothing milk. 

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