How to froth milk for latte art with an electric milkfrother (Part 1)

Making foamed milk with no espresso machine steam function.
With a microwave and a very cheap electric milkfrother.
Milk is normal, sold at any stores.

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1 HEAT MILK DO NOT MICROWAVE METAL MILKPITCHER. Heat 200ml milk to about 70 degrees C. Use a little more milk than the capacity of your coffee cup. If there is not much milk, you make too much form when you froth. 200ml is the best volume to make good foamed milk.

2 MILKPITCHER  Pour hot milk into a milkpitcher. Put sugar in this hot easily soluble milk. DO NOT SCALD YOURSELF WITH HOT MILK. 350ml(12oz) milkpitcher is too small to froth. Hot milk sometimes overflow this milkpitcher. 500ml to 600ml(20oz) milkpitcher is too large to froth. You make too much foam when you froth because there is not enough depth of the hot milk. 400ml milkpitcher is the best to froth 200ml hot milk with an electric milkfrother.


Update International (EP-12) - 12 Oz Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher
12oz milkpitcher

New 20 oz Espresso Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher, Stainless Steel
20oz milkpitcher

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